Tuesday, September 6, 2011

PO Box 0

So I heard today that the Post Office may default on  its debts. The WORD OF THE YEAR  is DEFAULT:
2.failure to meet financial obligations. (www.dictionary.com)
Part of the problem is the very thing you are doing right now: reading the Internet instead of the letter I tried to send you but my pen ran out of ink...
No one sends letters or cards anymore! What a pity. I had 10... count 'em, 10... pen pals when I was a kid. We printed carefully on rice-paper-thin sheets because we knew we were paying by the gram.
SO where does this all end? What other industries will be swallowed up by Google?
I imagine the fashion industry will have a hard time in about 30 years or so. Instead of buying actual cloth coverings, we'll just need a sheet of clear nanocloth that we drape over our nakedness. We'll download the latest out of Paris... which will be Chinese by then... so everyone sees our trendiworthiness. 
What does this mean for the laundromat industry? Bankruptcy! Obsoleteness!  
Our parents always said MTV was evil. They knew technology would lead to the fall of the Empire.